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Discover a diverse range of furniture solutions, from modern office chairs to versatile workstations. Elevate your workspace with thoughtfully curated pieces that enhance comfort, productivity, and aesthetics.

X-Project Task Chair


All work and plenty of play. Our X-Project has every bit of value in a design that’s often imitated but never duplicated — because it’s seriously impossible. In other words, this is the total experience made accessible for all.


Height-Adjustable Backrest
Independently adjustable backrest lets you raise the dynamic variable lumbar support to fit the curve of your back. Bring the dynamic variable lumbar support to a comfortable position and relax while it supports the natural shape of your spine.

Advanced Tensile Recovery (A.T.R.) Fabric
A woven multilayered nylon that is both responsive and supportive, our Advanced Tensile Recovery fabrics are water, spill and stain resistant. You’ll also experience more bounce and responsiveness than traditional textiles.


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