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For a sleek and modern look, Mesa meets all expectations of today’s conference rooms while still remaining at Fríant’s standard price point. Made of eco-friendly materials, this tech-savvy conference table is designed for the technical needs of a wired workplace with its power and data integration. With mix-and-match finishes, Mesa creates a custom looking table at a non-custom price.


Power and Data Integration
This casegood comes standard with Smart Trough, a power module built into the table to easily access power and data. Designed for technical needs, the surface remains uncluttered with the concealed wire management feature.

Variety of Finishes
There are 29 laminate and veneer options to choose from for a custom looking table. The finishes come in a wide range of colors, both textured and solid.

Custom Look at a Non-Custom Price
Mesa allows you to mix-and-match the laminate and veneer to create a unique look for the standard Fríant price.


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